Protect the money of hardworking Canadians!

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We assume our money is safe but every Canadian with money in a bank account is at risk of having their life savings stolen.

Canada’s banks are not investing in banking security and are refusing to pay back their customers if our money is stolen by hackers!

Financial institutions should be liable when customers lose savings. We are trusting them to keep our hard-earned savings safe. Our Federal Government has to make our banks liable for our stolen money so that banks will invest in banking security and protect the hard-earned dollars of Canadians.

People from across the country have had their accounts hacked and banks often refuse to reimburse them.

Hackers broke into Sunjit Lidha’s Scotiabank savings account and stole $5,000. After taking a few weeks to investigate, Scotiabank refused to give him his money back.

Patricia Widdis of Breslau, Ontario has reported that hackers accessed her RBC account and redirected her Visa payments, stealing $12,000. The bank was able to get $7,000 returned, but she is still out $5,000.

These are just two stories but there are plenty of hardworking Canadians being left out in the cold by their banks because of a lack of adequate security.

Canadians depend on the money in these accounts to get by — to pay their mortgages and rent, to put food on their family’s table, and so much more. Our money should be safeguarded by the financial institutions we entrust it with.

In the UK, this was such a big problem that they made banks liable for customers’ stolen money. Once liable, the banks invested heavily in security and it was extremely effective at protecting the bank’s customers. Canada needs to follow this example.

Canadians work too hard for our money to be put at risk this way! Life is hard enough to have this added worry. Please sign this petition to demand that Canadian banks be held liable when their customers lose money.