Canada Post: Stop Sending Right Wing Extremist Paper

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Canada Post has now sent out at least two editions of right wing extremist newspaper The Epoch Times Canada to unsuspecting residents who did not sign up to receive it. This 'newspaper' is anti-truth, anti-immigrant, and is outside the normal bounds of advertising a resident would expect to receive.

Less media literate Canadians may not understand they are receiving far right propaganda, while others will be offended at this out-of-bounds, unsolicited mailing. 

Enough is enough.

Note: This is being mailed out under Canada Post's advertising program, and the only way for one to opt out is to stop receiving any and all offers, coupons, and advertisements by mail. Other organizations, most notably Facebook, have already banned The Epoch Times Canada from advertising with them.

We are asking Canada Post to stop sending extremist propaganda, or allow Canadians to opt out without it affecting their normal mailings. We are also asking what steps Canada Post has taken to eliminate bigotry and misinformation being mailed out through its advertising program.

Petition formally submitted morning of Monday, February 15th, 2021.

We thank the Canada Post union for speaking up about this issue and continue to push for change.

Photos from CBC News article, taken by Carol Harman & Radio-Canada article, taken by Pierrick Pichette: