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Jaggi is an activist that was abducted jailed in 2017 while visiting India for his own wedding.

He is a U.K. citizen jailed in India.

He is wrongfully detained and alleged of being involved in the murder of Hindu nationalists.

He has had near 200 overall appearances in court.

The U.K. government and Prime Minister have not adequately stepped in.

He is Sikh- they are oppressed in India.

Nodeep Kaur is a labour-rights activist that was arrested at the Singhu border on January 12, 2012 during the Indian farmers' protest.

She is part of a union that is against these new farm laws.

She has been denied bail.

She has been sexually and physically assaulted since her detainment.

She is from the "Dalit race" which is the most oppressed over India.