Help to hire a French crepe master in Canada

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I allow myself to appeal to you because I am in a bad situation and I need your help.

Since 2009, I run a small Crêperie on wheels over the summer season. I am doing my very best to offer the best quality and service.

My costumers have been giving me so much back, with their kindness and patience to wait for a crêpe, all the good feed back, support and encouragements, that always kept going no matter what the challenge was. 

But today, I am in a bad position and I am devastated. I'm trying to get a work permit to hire a French graduate master crepe maker. Because I want to keep making the best product, in the French Brittany tradition.

My request was rejected this morning because, according to the government, the function of a crêpe master is not considered "chef" and the project to promote french culture through the crêpe activity is not justified ....

Making crêpes can look simple but it's a real profession, that does require lots of experience and knowledges. In Brittany, (north ouest of France) there is crêpes schools where many French crêperies get their crepe makers trained. 

I understand that Canadian government does not know much about it, but considering this job as any kitchen help is not fair. 

As well as, the program that I applied for is to promote French culture in Canada, outside of Quebec. And it cannot be more French then a crêpe master serving you French speciality food. 

I am holding on every little help hope that could help. 

Please sign this petition

Thank you in advance for your support

Carole Dumestre from Crêperie Ooolala

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