Bring Ebin Biju Back Home

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Hello everybody! Thank you for taking the time to read this as this is a serious matter that I hold close to my heart. One of my best friends, Ebin Biju, has recently been sent back to India; the place he was born, and grew up. He moved to Canada roughly four years ago and has made an abundance of friends, as well as touching the hearts of those around him.

He failed to renew his visa in time and therefore him, along with his family, were sent back to India. In India, it's incredibly crowded and renewing a visa there takes weeks or even months. He was sent back in the middle of the school year, this is a problem because his dream is to go to a top Canadian University. He may have to restart the second semester of his grade 10/sophomore year. 

Our Canadian government provided no leniency with him or his family and sent him back without allowing them to have one last opportunity to renew their visas. They all had to put there life on pause due to the inhumane, and corporate nature of the Canadian Government. Me and my friends miss him so much and we know he's going through a hard time right now and we just want him back. 

It doesn't cost you any money to help Ebin out, just sign this please. Thank you for your time. God Bless.