Decision Maker Response

Fin Donnelly’s response

Feb 21, 2019 — I am proud to see so many people joining this petition and calling for the protection of sharks in Canada, which is now over 190,000 signatories strong. Bill S-238, to end the importation and exportation of shark fins, has received a great deal of support and as an MP I am taking action to see it becomes law. This week, I sponsored Bill S-238 in the House of Commons, you can watch a short video of the Bill being introduced here:

Bill S-238 passed the Senate late last year and now must be reviewed by the House of Commons, it is the last step before it can become law. While speaking in the House of Commons, I urged my fellow MPs to work together to ensure the Bill passes before the election this fall, as Canada cannot continue to fail to address this threat to sharks.

My work to protect sharks extends back many years, including in 2013 when I introduced a private member’s bill to prohibit the importation of shark fin into Canada. It was ultimately voted down, by five votes! Now, six years later, we must pass Bill S-238 and finally give sharks the protection they need.

I know Canadians feel a strong connection to the ocean and understand that the health of marine animals are vitally important for the planet. Together, we can ensure Canada’s laws reflect this. Please continue to advocate for the passage of Bill S-238 and help raise awareness about the need to ban the importation and exportation of shark fins in Canada.

MP Donnelly