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CANADA GOOSE is one of the companies that carry a great responsibility for the mistreatment fur animals are exposed to every day. CANADA GOOSE mainly uses fur from coyotes - animals caught in cruel and painful foot traps.

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Peeled carcasses was found in the local rivers. The animals turned out to be coyotes, who had been killed and skinned for their fur. The remainder had no need for animals and ended up as waste in the river.

Companies that use coyote fur collars on their jackets often claim that hunting is almost a form of nature protection and the coat is a residue. This shows very clearly that the fur is valuable, and thus the cause of the hunt. The rest is just waste and discarded as soon as the fur is ripped off.

Letter to
Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters Canada Goose Europe
Canada Goose Expedition Clothing Outfitters Canada Goose
I am very disappointed to know you sell real fur.

Fur farming is not fashion but cruelty and as long as you support the fur industry, I have no desire to act in your business.

The animals killed for your collars are living miserable lives in tiny cages or caught in cruel traps in the wild.
Please watch the video

I hereby announce that I participate in the boycott of the Canada Goose products until you introduce a fur-free policy.


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