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Canada Goose: Stop killing animals for your jackets.

Both coyotes and geese where harmed in the making of this jacket. I understand people want to be warm in the cold Canadian winters but is killing an animal for their fur the right way to achieve that warmth? Absolutely not. Please stand up against Canada Goose by signing this petition to stop the production of jackets produced with animal fur and down.

Letter to
Canada Goose
I understand that you want to make a jacket that will keep Canadians warm during the cold winters but it is unnecessary to harm animals in the process. Coyotes and Canada geese are both beautiful animals that have the right to survival just like you and I. The fact that you are slaughtering animals absolutely disgusts me and I have personally heard others complain about the inhumane actions of your company. There are plenty of ways to keep warm that do not involve killing animals.