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Fight for Indigenous Rights: A Deconstruction to Colonialism

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Today, Canada’s Indigenous population still faces the consequences of colonialism. This refers to one country using power to exploit and take political control over another (Perry, 2016). This process consists of a deconstruction of Indigenous political systems, education, economics, and culture to assert the settler's culture as superior. That being so, many assume that Canada's government is doing its part to relieve the effects. Although this is true in some respects, it appears that Canada is, in fact, a reproducer of colonialism. 

For one thing, Canada has done little to investigate the countless cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women. This is because the government applies the regimes of disappearance, where they oppress selective minority groups by using a form of neoliberal governance. This is strategically demonstrated by how government conceptualizes Indigenous people to society. They help to perpetuate the stereotypes of Indigenous populations as alcoholics and drug addicts, as well as over emphasizing instances of crime and violence in Indigenous communities. This allows the government to blame their poverty on perceived cultural continuities, rather than systematic inconsistency in policy making. Society then perceives that Indigenous people are resisting and lack interest to change from these discourses, which portrays them as victims in need of state protection. Therefore, many blame Indigenous individuals, rather than understanding that these are structural societal issues. 

Canada’s government is additionally an employer of environmental racism. This refers to the enactment of laws and exclusion of racial minorities in environmental decisions whereby minority groups are exposed to life-threatening environments. It has been noted in numerous articles that Canada's Indigenous population are subject to environmental injustice served by the government such as the implementation of pipelines on Indigenous land (Mitchell & D’Onofrio, 2016). Essentially, the government disregards treaties that advocate Indigenous rights. 

Under these circumstances, it is necessary for society to take action and stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities in Canada and fight for change. Therefore, this petition exists for individuals to acknowledge the unfair treatment of Indigenous people and collectively come together to provoke a deconstruction of colonialism. 

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