14 days quarantine in Canada for people with flight from Asian area

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I am an Asian resident living in BC, Canada. I am afraid of the corona-virus breaking out in Asian will cause the out breaking in Canada and also cause the discrimination to the Asian people consequently. To protect our citizen and our communities, I setup a petition to ask the federal government and provincial government to pass a regulation to require all the visitors arrived via flight from Asia after Feb 06, 2020 need to report to the police station by phone for a  self quarantine 14 days in home or in hotel or any private accommodation before they can go and take part in any public events.

All the students in school age with the visitor's family also need to stay with their custodian for 14 days in the quarantine period before they can go to school. The principle of  school will be responsible for the designated students' 14 days quarantine time.

All my friends have same concern and wish there be some government officials can stand out to face the fact instead of the political right. Canada will face a great challenge in the future to control this disease. I hope everyone can be realistic and has an effective way to solve the challenge.

Please sign the petition  to protect our health, our family, our community, a better Canada is our goal.