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Canada; Do not re-open Islamic Republic of Iran's embassy!

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 Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

You are on the record to normalize diplomatic relation with Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime that believes western countries are source of all evil and are "infidels” and they must be destroyed.

Once again, the international community was shocked with the massacre of innocent people—this time in Paris by a gang of terrorists who had no regard for the life. The world is now faced with the reality that the terrorist threat has entered a new and even more dangerous phase. It is not only the French, American or British that must stand up to this common enemy of humanity - it is the world’s problem - and therefore, a united front needs to be created to confront our new reality and to further study its causes.
Hostage taking, and the state sponsored terrorism was born in 1979 with the birth of the “Islamic Republic” led by Ayatollah Khomaini in Iran. according to Khomaini’s doctrine, devastating acts of terrorism from Beirut in the early in 80’s, Argentina, Malaysia, Bali, Germany, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen – are all part of the Islamists’ agenda to make way for establishment of a world-wide Islamic State. Today we are witnessing manifestation of that doctrine in Paris and elsewhere. As early as 1981, Islamic Republic leaders, with the help of their newly created Revolutionary Guards, started training terrorists in four camps in northern part of Iran, for internal suppression of its citizens along with exporting these highly trained individuals to foreign lands-- from Afghanistan to Iraq and Lebanon, for subversive activities. All this information had been known to intelligence organizations of the west for decades.
The Islamic regime of Iran has been the strongest partner and the supporter of President Bashar Al Assad of Syria, the same regime that Canada is planning to accept 25,000 of its refugees; from a regime that slaughtered over 300,000 of its own people, mostly women and children, and is responsible for over 6 million refugees.
Mr. Prime Minister, the period of appeasement and utopia is over, we ought to act on present realities. It would be wise to review Canada’s classified archives to investigate the reasoning behind Prime Minister Harper’s decision to close down the Islamic Republic’s embassy in Canada. For safety and security of Canadians, the Islamic regime’s embassy in Canada should remain closed, and for the convenient of Canadian-Iranian, an Interest Section can serve the purpose, as it has been practiced for last 36 years between the USA and Islamic Republic. We strongly believe safety of our nation has priority over any other gains.

Mr. Prime Minister, Islamic regime of Iran, during the past 36 years of its rule, has bad records of serious human right violations including systematic torture, kidnapping and murder of innocent people – such as the murder of Canadian-Iranian journalist, Zahra Kazemi in 2003 and many other activists. And we should respectfully remind you of imprisoned Canadian resident Mr. Saeed Malekpour whose death sentence was changed to a life sentence due to international outcry. Also Canadian-Iranian Hamid Ghasemi-Shall was held under torture inside Iran for five agonizing years. His life was only saved due to pressure form governments and activists around the globe.
The records show:

• It is public knowledge and on the record that the Islamic Regime invited a couple of Canada’s Aboriginal Chiefs to deliver speech in Islamic Republic Parliament, with obvious intention to instigate and interfere with internal affairs of Canada.
• The UN human rights special rapporteur envoy, Dr. Ahmad Shaheed has not ever been permitted to visit Islamic Republic of Iran during the past four years to fulfill his duties in preparing his annual reports.
• During the past two years of President Rouhani’s reign, according to the UN and other International Human Right agencies, such as Amnesty International, there has been over 2000 executions, including juveniles contrary to Islamic Republic’s signing party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which strictly prohibits the imposition of the death penalty against person who were under 18 years of age at the time of the crime.
• The value of women life, according to the Islamic regime, is regarded as half of a man according to Sharia Law practiced in Iran. For example; women cannot be judges, are barred from taking 70 university courses, not allowed to enter sport stadiums, as ridiculous as it sounds, not allowed to ride a bike, not to apply for passport unless with consent of husband or father, regardless of her age, not allowed to take certain jobs, i.e. become a pilot or a president or simply work in a coffee shop. Age for girls to marry is 13 (many rare forced to marry as low as 9, according to Bureau of Consensus), just to name a few.

Unless a democratic form of governance is established in Iran, there will be no peace in the Middle East and no end to the terrorist activities they are supporting throughout the world. It is time for democracies of the world to unite and take action to counter the growing threat of terrorism. Remember the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York, and never, ever forget 9/11. It has happened before, and it will happen again if we do not uproot the cause. We must deal with the fountain of hatred that was seeded by the Islamic regime in Iran and has now spread throughout the Middle East.

Appeasement of Islamic regime will prolong their support for military and terrorist activities in the entire region of Middle East, and consequently further bloodshed on the streets of Paris, London, Moscow and elsewhere.

It would be very naïve to pursue a dangerous path of establishing diplomatic relation with such a regime and allow the subversive activities of their agents in their embassies and to continue business as usual. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been held accountable for its grotesque human rights violations and re-opening the Iranian Embassy will send a message of impunity.




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