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Kings Road, Five Dock is used as a main thoroughfare by trucks and cars between Great North Road, Harris Road, Parramatta Road & Queens Road.

Kings Road is surrounded by a various number of schools with school children using this road on their way home. The street is heavily populated with apartments, therefore it has double the amount of people than surrounding streets. 

Currently only one car at a time can drive down Kings Road, forcing oncoming traffic to pull over to the side of the road. This creates traffic jams, road rage, large potholes, vehicle damage and car accidents.

The speed at which cars, motorbikes and trucks drive down Kings Road is horrendous, and something needs to be done soon before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Kings Road is a danger to the community.

I am petitioning that it becomes a ONE WAY street. By doing this, I hope we can minimise the above issues.

If you care about the people of Five Dock, and you wish to minimise the traffic flow through the area, please sign the petition and help create a more peaceful and safe neighbourhood!