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People’s Lives Don’t Matter.

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Recent personal incidents with the Kurseong Sadar hospital has disturbed me to no end and I feel it is high time that people raised their voice against the  really pathetic condition at this hospital. (you have to experience it to believe it ). (Kurseong is a hill station and sub-divisional town in the Darjeeling district of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located at an altitude of 1,458 metres (4,783 ft),has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Kurseong is home to one of the oldest municipalities (125 years )in the state of West Bengal. Established as an independent Municipality in 1879)


The various problems faced by the hospital; shortage of doctors & technicians, insufficient supply of medicine, lack of a basic ambulance, stretchers and shortage of attendants have to be addressed. The hospital’s service which screams of callousness and lack of adequate training is not what a hospital should be allowed to provide. The attitude that this is a small town and nothing will change is no longer acceptable. Feeling helpless about the situation is not the solution to the problem and demands have to be forwarded to higher authorities of the GTA and the West Bengal state government.


According to reports, the Kurseong hospital has been functioning for many  years without experts including a general surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, skin specialist, eye surgeon, physiotherapist, child specialist, ENT and pathologist, to name a few. It is indeed unfortunate that the authorities concerned have failed to resolve the problems faced by the local community in the field of healthcare.


Due to shortage of doctors, people have been facing various problems and having to visit medical institutions in Siliguri even for basic treatment or minor surgeries. This is a disgrace and yet we the hill people who are supposed to be educated, politically aware and active allow this  to happen to our own folks. If not for our wellbeing, then what are we fighting for? Why is our political awareness and activism allowing our infrastructure to go to the dogs? ‘Public interest’ is no longer important, it has been sidelined by selfishness and hunger for power.


What would it take from the people of the Darjeeling hills to get their basic health care needs taken care of?  Which doors do we need to knock on to wake up the local and state administrations, and to tell them that these pathetic conditions can no longer be tolerated?




 Kurseong hospital


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