Safer conditions for pedestrians

Safer conditions for pedestrians

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Camrose City Councel

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Started by Poly Nighthorn

Too many drivers don't wait for pedestrians to cross during their right of way, cutting them off in potentially dangerous conditions like icy or wet roads.

Many claim they didn't see the pedestrian walk signal. Others don't seem to care about the signal crossing and try to squeeze past people crossing in crosswalks when they as drivers don't have right of way. 

Many times drivers end up having to put on their breaks because the misjudged the space and distance and end up almost hitting pedestrians as they are crossing. 

I propose that all pedestrian crosswalks be outfitted with Accessible Pedestrian Signals. They are very helpful to make crossing the street safer for visually impaired people and I feel they would help drivers, who don't seem to notice the crossing signs, be able to know when it is a pedestrians right of way. 

Too many times my family has almost been hit because a driver didn't want to wait for us to cross or finish crossing. 

Today on March 3rd 2022 myself and my 8 year old son watched a man almost get hit because a driver tried to get past him when we had the right of way.

We were crossing from the opposite side of the street when we witnessed the man step off the curb when the walk signal lit up, a driver tried to squeeze by him and had to break to avoid hitting the man in the crosswalk. At that moment the walking signal had yet to switch to the flashing hand. It was still showing the walking figure. The driver yelled out his car at the other pedestrian. And then drove off. The man passed us in the crosswalk and he was clearly shaken. 

So I strongly propose the city of Camrose install Accessible Pedestrian Signals at all crossing areas. 




17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!