Show disapproval of Campus Partners in their destruction of local business.

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Ohio State students chose this school because they had the ability to be in an urban setting while still having a sense of belonging to a small community. That being said, thanks to the “improvements” to High Street, particularly at 15th and High, this community is falling apart.

Campus Partners, an extension of Ohio State that is responsible for developing of the numerous projects in the campus area, claim that this project is a “long-term upgrade and enhancement to the overall physical space”. Thousands and thousands of other students here at Ohio State beg to differ. Campus Partners is taking our small community and replacing it with overpriced housing, unaffordable retail stores, and yet another gateway that will turn into a ghost town of gentrification. Sure, South Campus Gateway is pretty. But what does it have to offer our students? 3 phone stores? A Panera? What else could we need? Campus Partners and Ohio State seem to have neglected the STUDENTS needs (the reason this campus exists in the first place) and put the “leaders” of this school ahead of them. We are here because we loved this school when we first saw it. And now, all we get to see is construction project after construction project. When will it end? According to the Campus Partners director, it seems we will get to stare at construction fences and cranes until 2020 (that's after many of us will graduate).

It’s time they put aside their greedy needs for money through the destruction of local businesses and instead start thinking about the students who are giving them millions of dollars to go to a campus that you’re ruining.