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Sullivan County Tn. Campground law suit!

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Sullivan County Tn. Is suing Peace Lakeview Campground over the structures we have over our campers that protect them from weather. Just like putting a boat under a shed.

We're asking the commissioners of Sullivan County to help us by voting in favor of a grandfathering in of all these structures, in all the campgrounds though out Sullivan county. If the planning office gets a ruling that allows them to order our structures to be taken down then they can order every Campground in the county to do the same. The zoning code clearly allows storage structures.

We're asking for as many signatures as we can get of voters in Tennessee on this petition. Voters matter to politician. Now is the time to be heard!! 

Sullivan county Tn. Lawsuit . Campgrounds with storage structures over their campers. Need signatures of Tennessee voters asking commissioners to grandfather in all the campgrounds with these type storage structures!

Please Watch Video's you will see how the zoning code changed over problem

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