Ban fireworks in or near flying fox camps in our LGA

Ban fireworks in or near flying fox camps in our LGA

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Campbelltown City Council (Events team)

Why this petition matters

On 26th January for Australia day fireworks will be placed on the hill diagonal to the Campbelltown Flying Fox camp
Even though the fireworks have been cancelled numerous times with the help of the Mayor we have shown that we don't need fireworks to celebrate events.

Fireworks cost the tax payers every year hundreds of dollars not to mention they scare domestic pets and our wildlife.
During this time even though the bats would have already flown out of the camp there will still be pups left in the camp alone waiting for their mum to return.

With the bang of the fireworks this will scare the remaining pups and leave them highly stressed and unprotected without mum around, some may even fall in fright injuring themselves.

It's not hard to relocate the fireworks to another location however no fireworks is better, no fireworks is better for all domestic pets and better for our wildlife especially the flying foxes.

We have managed without fireworks before so why do we need to have them now???

We are wanting the council to reconsider their decision & location for the Australia Day fireworks in Campbelltown.
We are hoping by people signing this petition and showing the council there is people power behind it that it will be enough to stop the fireworks.

Why can we not replace our fireworks with a laser light show?
Other countries around the world have replaced fireworks with laser lights for the safety of animals and wildlife so given how much wildlife is in Campbelltown and how much support our council gets why is this not an option???

367 have signed. Let’s get to 500!