Stop the Supportive Housing at 580 Dogwood

Stop the Supportive Housing at 580 Dogwood

August 2, 2020
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Campbell River Mayor and Councillors
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Started by Nicki MacKenzie

We do agree there needs to be supportive housing in Campbell River, but the location at 580 Dogwood is NOT the right one. Our reasons include, but not limited to:
1) putting this housing right next to a large tower that could come down in a natural disaster, likely right on top of the new structure 

2) School Zone-there are 4 schools in close proximity to this proposed location, many students walking past 580 Dogwood daily, putting them at risk for possible intimidation by residents, exposure to possible contaminants such as needles and condoms, etc.

3) Loss of Green Space - we call this empty area Westmere Park because the neighborhood children and pets play there.

4) Residential area-the area is surrounded on all four sides with homes. This particular structure would back up directly to homes on two sides with back yards where we have our children playing. Currently, there is a supportive housing unit on Evergreen, where a neighbour must check and clean up used needles and condoms from her yard every day as the tenants toss them into her yard from windows or over the fence. 

5) Concern of a drop in property values in the area. Altho’ many areas in the province who have supportive housing have not seen a drop in values, this has not been the case in Nanaimo and Victoria. The letter we received from B.C. Housing indicates the residents will still be engaging in ‘illegal’ behaviour (drugs), and according the Furman Report on supportive housing,” if residents of the new supportive housing engage in offensive behaviour or participate in or are targets for illegal behaviour, the housing might cause local housing values to drop”

6) Concern for a rise in crime - theft, vandalism, drug dealing - based on observations from the Nanaimo Supportive Housing at 250 Terminal Ave

We propose a more suitable site be considered, ie. current Paramount hall  property is for sale, easily handling 40 units, with room to expand to another 40-80 units, considering the homeless situation is getting worse not better, as other cities are giving bus tickets to homeless and sending them here. This site is in close proximity to Social Services, Service BC, Methadone Clinic, fast food establishments, supermarkets, medical walk in clinics and access to local transit.


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Signatures: 80Next Goal: 100
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