To request City Council make changes to the current bylaw to better accommodate businesses

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The Petitioners respectfully request City Council make changes to the current bylaw with in Campbellton to better accommodate businesses.

With the current status quo there are several businesses currently operating with in Campbellton that are unable to provide parking on there own premises as well as several other vacant buildings that also do not have parking provided. With the current bylaw all available parking within Campbellton is owned by the Ministry or transportation thus making the street parking unusable for the company it resides in front of.

Now that City council has gotten light of this, any upcoming business or existing companies will have troubles getting or even renewing the license that was given to them. This will further discourage businesses from starting in Campellton and force its surrounding areas to be neglected more then it already is. This will only hurt the businesses and buildings owners by forcing them to spend huge amounts of money to fix a problem that has already been fixed on shoppers row and its surrounding areas.