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Petitioning Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman

Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland: Don’t close our TAFE


The Newman Government is considering closing 38 TAFE campuses across Queensland. Tell the Government this is not on - sign the petition.

This move will immediately deprive thousands of Queenslanders of the opportunity to access training at a reasonable price, and close to home. It will stop them being able to get jobs in all sorts of industries – such as health, community services, hospitality, sports, building, and entertainment.

What’s more, the closure of TAFE campuses will ultimately mean that Queensland employers won’t have access to the number of skilled workers that they need.

Tell Campbell Newman that our state future is about more than money. Make sure our leaders know how you feel.

Letter to
Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman
TAFE is a crucial part of the Queensland economy. School leavers rely on TAFE to get skills and find jobs. Older job seekers, like the 17,000 you have sacked from the public sector, rely on TAFE to re-train and get back into the workforce. Industry needs TAFE to deliver a constant stream of qualified workers.

I understand you are considering closing 38 TAFEs in Queensland - that’s 38 communities that will lose valuable training services.

I call on you to maintain TAFE funding and keep these TAFE campuses operating – for the sake of all Queenslanders.

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