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Don't axe a service that supports elderly, disabled and other renters


Every day, I help renters with nowhere left to turn with support and advice. For some, we’re the only thing standing between them, and eviction and homelessness.

But in two weeks’ time, the Newman government is abolishing our advice and advocacy service.

This will be devastating for thousands of people. And for the elderly disabled and vulnerable, it’s help they can't do without. 

The Newman government is sacking every employee, and shutting down the service. They didn’t even get a phone call – they were told via fax.

It's unacceptable. By removing this service, Newman is leaving thousands of people with nowhere to turn for help when they most need it -- and putting 95 hardworking people out of a job.

We don’t have much time to save this vital service. We need to show Newman that we'll fight for this service to the end. Sign the petition and tell Campbell Newman to keep his hands off the tenants advocacy service!

- Rose Brown, trainer and educator at Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services

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