Lil peep's Hellboy in Hellboy upcoming movie (2019)

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Petition in order to get Lil Peep's (Gustav Elijah Åhr) song : "Hellboy" played during the upcoming Hellboy movie coming out in 2019.

To pay hommage to the artist that recently passed away, to have it played during the end credits would be a beautiful tribute knowing that he loved the character. 

As the rapper identified himself as the character (Hellboy), it would be a beautiful tribute for his fans, family and supporters to include the song in the movie. As Gustav would have highly appreciated to have his own reference in the movie, the collaboration of the label and the production is needed and required.

The collaboration of Liza Womack (Gustav Ähr's mother) would be appreciated in order to get the legal authorizations from Columbia records to play the song in the movie Hellboy (2019) from : Campbell Grobman Films,
Dark Horse Entertainment,
Lawrence Gordon Productions,
Millennium Films and Neil Marshall (director).

The movie being at the moment already finished, it would be a beautiful gesture from the production to change it and pay hommage to Lil peep.