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Campaign to turn Liberty Animal Shelter into a NO Kill Animal Shelter/ low cost/spay neuter clinic

I am a Liberty, Missouri resident and I would like to see the City turn the Animal Shelter into a NO KILL shelter or at least a very low kill shelter and for the shelter to offer low cost spay/neuter services, in addition to building an actual adoption center for the cats and dogs.

I'm doing this to honor all of the cats and dogs who weren't given a chance and were euthanized as soon as the shelter ran out of room.  I am their voice, pleading to everyone to please sign this petition so you too can be their voices.  We can't save them all but I'd like to save as many as possible.  Let's get the word out on RESPONSIBLE pet ownership too.  Owning a pet is a commitment and responsibility and it's each pet owners responsibility to provide a pet with a loving and safe environment for the rest of their lives.  Pets should NOT be disposable.

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I am a concerned resident of Liberty, Missouri who would like to see Liberty Animal Shelter become a no kill shelter and to provide low cost spay/neuter services.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of animals are euthanized each year when the shelter runs out of room. With the City's cooperation, funding provided by the State, in addition to fundraisers, Liberty Animal Shelter can become a NO KILL shelter and provide low cost spay/neuter services. In addition, promoting adoption of cats and dogs is a win/win situation for people and the animals and having a welcoming adoption center at the shelter would attract people who are looking for a new pet.

I would also like to see the City provide a program for the feral cat population in Liberty. If the City provides a low cost spay/neuter program through their shelter, volunteers can trap feral cats, have then spayed/neutered and returned to their colony. Within a few years, the colony population will be well under control, saving many Liberty residents the aggravation that some feral cats cause. We shouldn't blame the cats in this situation; due to people's irresponsible behavior, cats that were once pets were thrown out into the street, where they began breeding and created a rise in feral cats roaming residential and business areas.

Please, let's work together in doing something positive for the residents of Liberty, people AND pets.

Thank you.

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