Campaign for those in British Isles that did fall under Nazi Occupation during WW2

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In 1940 part of British Isles did fall under Nazi Occupation and a British Civilian Population.

To have a National Memorial to commemorate a British Population that went under Occupation in British Isles. WW2. New Joint UK and Jersey/Channel Islands Memorial.

23K+ Islanders registered to evacuate,before occupying forces arrived, but only 6.5K actually left.


Part of British Isles did fall under the Occupation of Nazi Germany and a British Civilian population.

This has largely been forgotten in British History: Could be various reasons why? we don't know? During occupation of Channel Islands many islanders suffered greatly, yet few understand, appreciate what they endured.

Aim of the Campaign.

We the Signed are asking for a National Memorial to Commemorate a British Population that went under Occupation WW2 ( includes other Nationals and evacuees and more ) in the British Isles. 

To Establish a permanent Representation / Memorial for the British and all Nationals that stayed behind through the Nazi Occupation of Jersey 1940 to 1945.

This Campaign for the Forgotten Occupation People of the British Isles .

We salute your courage to stay behind and everything you went through - we will not forget you. Terrible Time and Grim.

Jersey was Invaded in June 1940, From Occupation to Liberation (1940 - 1945) The Channel Islands were the only part of the Britain Isles to be occupied by German forces in WW2. The five-year occupation came to an end on 9 May 1945 - 

Today those who went through the Occupation need your Support!

The Campaign was founded by a Family - who went through the Occupation and Survived, and others have joined along the way, making this Campaign grow.

Jersey has a official Representation of the Arrival of British Forces to Liberate - Nothing reflects (All) those who did stay. ( The Civilian Population )

Only Some of the Information to What Happened.

By 1941, there were 11.5K occupying soldiers. That meant 1 soldier for every 4 Islanders - higher than anywhere else in occupied Europe.

Life as a civilian during the occupation came as a shock.  Many lost their jobs when businesses closed down and it was hard to find work with non-German employers. As the war progressed, life became harsher and morale fell. Food, fuel, and medicines became scarce. The fear of internment caused suicides. On arrival in the islands, the Germans issued proclamations imposing new laws on the resident islanders. As time progressed, additional laws restricting rights were posted and had to be obeyed.

German soldiers and one Organisation Todt (OT) worker for every five civilians. During the Occupation.

Deaths during the Occupation within the Channel Islands 1940 - 1945 .
German forces: about 550.

OT workers: (Slave Workers brought in ) over 700 (500 graves and 200 drowned when a ship was sunk)
Allied forces: about 550 (504 from the sinking of HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne)
Civilians: about 150, mainly air raids, deportees and in prisons
(excludes hundreds of civilian Island deaths from suicide, malnutrition and the cold, in 1943 there were 460 deaths in Guernsey and 719 in Jersey, under 2% of the populations, from 1944 the death rate rose, with over 200 deaths in Guernsey in the first quarter of 1944 alone.

116 Winter 1944-45 was worse and in addition there were those who died during 1945-46, never having recovered from the ordeal.)

Deportations from the German-occupied Channel Islands refers to a specific wave of deportations by Nazi Germany of British citizens who were residents of the Channel Islands.

1941 Deportation lists to Germany. By Sex and Age Jersey.

Men 18-45 1,305
Men 46-60 700
Men over 60 728 
Women 18+ 2,391
Children to 18 402


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75th Anniversary of the end of Occupation this year 2020 and we need any donations to place campaign ads in press. Please donate. We must bring campaign to the publics attention in 2020 . Donate below link . Thank you.


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