Campaign for the restitution of human remains and artefacts from Britain.

Campaign for the restitution of human remains and artefacts from Britain.

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Petition to
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom)

Why this petition matters

Started by Gerald Mandisodza

To Queen Elizabeth II and the British Monarch.


Concerned relatives, genealogical and cultural descendants of Zimbabwe’s First Chimurenga Heroes and heroines who were beheaded by the British colonialists in the 19th century, came Together and launched on 1 November 2021, a #BringBackOurBones Campaign (BBOB). It is a non-partisan campaign embracing everyone who is a son and daughter of Zimbabwe, irrespective of political or religious inclinations.

The Campaign seeks to ensure that Zimbabwe’s cultural property that was unlawfully or inappropriately taken by the British should be returned. We are working to advance the movement for repatriation from Britain of human remains, including artefacts, on behalf of Families and communities through advocacy, oral history research, education, and technical assistance. We are committed to avoiding the trap of an ivory tower; therefore, we center the Experiences of families and communities who suffered both structural and acute colonial Injustices in our advocacy efforts.

We value the importance of collaboration, recognize the need for multiple approaches to Advance the goal of restitution, as well as acknowledge and respect the work of the many Dedicated advocates in this space. We are working alongside other national and international Restitution leaders. We are proud to name State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) as a Supporter of our campaign.

Why the Campaign?

1. The people of Zimbabwe are facing a human rights violation whereby our ancestral Remains were taken to Britain as trophies. The remains were taken without our Knowledge or consent, and under situations of extreme duress. This human rights Violation is perpetuated through the continued possession, display, study or profit from Our ancestral remains and artefacts.

2. Our ancestors ‘bad/red deaths’ occurred violently, unnaturally, unexpectedly, and Suddenly. The circumstances in which our ancestors died did not permit the performance of the required death rituals. This situation of abandoned and desecrated human remains is ‘unbearable’ to the living, and is an affront to the moral order. The restless, unburied dead remain dangerous to their descendants and to the nation. In the Post-independence period, as the abundance that many had expected to come with nationhood has been difficult to materialize, these concerns have mounted.

3. Restitution resolves cultural identity and spiritual integrity issues. Decapitation of Chiefs/Spiritual leaders and desecrating objects of worship is sacrilege.

4. Restitution also addresses the issue of economic development, because these British Museums are diverting thousands of tourists from Zimbabwe, and making profits at our expense.

5. If as Zimbabweans we do not do everything necessary to recover our most sacred Heritage, the message we send to the British is that we accept to be plundered and robbed, not only of these cultural objects, but of all natural resources, minerals etc. It means that we don’t care about our own sovereignty; it means that we are beaten and Happy. Is this really the message we want to send to the rest of the world?






270 have signed. Let’s get to 500!