Campaign for Quieter Fireworks to Protect Animals, Pets, and People living with PTSD

Campaign for Quieter Fireworks to Protect Animals, Pets, and People living with PTSD

July 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Susan Kayne

Join my campaign to protect animals, pets, and people living with PTSD from the trauma of suffering dangerous, deafening, and trigger inducing fireworks.  

This past Independence Day, I spent the Holiday and preceding weekend trying to protect the horses of Unbridled in vain. Although, the use and sale of all fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal in Albany County, a barrage of prohibited aerial devices, roman candles, and skyrockets exploded and rained down over their otherwise peaceful pastures. As prey animals, the repeated unexpected booms and unpredictable ear-splitting pops and snaps set off fear and panic amid horses. Anxiety, confusion, terror, trembling, and sweats manifest, especially in the elderly with limited vision as the bombardment of high-decibel noises and fumes took over their stable home in Sanctuary.

Fireworks also have a devastating effect on neighborhood pets, and disorientates surrounding wildlife. Most animals have far more acute hearing than humans. Dogs, for example, can hear more than twice as many frequencies and can hear sounds four times further away compared within humans. The shocking sound, sparks, and floating debris of fireworks sends wildlife fleeing from their natural habitat. Many mammals will run in fear, increasing the number of wildlife deaths from automobile traffic on roads and highways. This can leave young animals vulnerable to starvation and predation. Animal shelters, including wildlife rehabilitation facilities, see an influx in animals following fireworks. 

Individuals with PTSD, as well as any combat veteran regardless of their PTSD status, are more likely to be triggered or respond to fireworks. So we have a loud, unexpected noise, often under the cover of darkness. If we think about what a combat scenario looks like, you're expecting incoming fire and explosions that you have to be on guard for, that are often happening at night -- fireworks serve as a very significant reminder of these experiences, PTSD or no. So this really does impact people. It really disrupts sleep and significantly increases stress. Source: Penn Medicine

When it comes to fireworks, innocent animals and vulnerable people need protecting. Please sign my petition calling on New York's legislators to step up to ban the use of traditional, deafening, and dangerous fireworks, and replace them with quieter 'silent fireworks' to prevent the cruel and needless suffering of animals, pets, and people living with PTSD.  

A more compassionate way of enjoying fireworks does exist!

Collecchio, a town in Italy, enacted a law in 2015 to mandate the use of only 'silent' fireworks, the lower decibel level has brought great relief to animals and people. The show is even more spectacular without the ear-splitting booms distracting from the splendor of the display overhead. Today, quieter fireworks are a part of everybody’s inventory. 

Friends, your signature on this petition will move our animal loving legislators to take action on this matter in New York. I am confident that it will receive bipartisan support. It's a win, win, win for people, animals, and the environment -- let's get it done on it's way to the Governor.

ONE MORE THING: When you sign this petition, please allow for email updates. There will be other actions you/we can take and I will keep you informed by email. I promise not to share your email address or spam your inbox. 

In gratitude,

Susan Kayne

President + Founder

Unbridled Thoroughbred Foundation

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Signatures: 482Next Goal: 500
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