Campaign for National Universal Pharmacare

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  1. Everyone in Canada should have access to quality medication when they need
  2. Finances should not be a barrier to accessing medications
  3. The cost of medications should not be added to the stress of having an illness 

Canada is currently the only industrialized country in the world with a universal healthcare system that does not cover prescription medications. In Canada we believe that financial status should not be a barrier to accessing necessary medications. Individuals living with illness should not have the added stress of choosing between paying for basic needs, such as food, heat or shelter, and paying for their prescriptions. The cost for medication in Canada is nearly double the cost compared to other countries (2013), and this is due to multiple buyers unable to fragment purchasing power and the difficulty of negotiating competitive prices for medications with drug companies. We believe it is unacceptable that two thirds of Canadian households prescription drugs are an out-of-pocket expense and one out of ten Canadians can not adhere to the prescription due to their cost  (Law, Cheng, Dhalla, Heard & Morgan, 2012). The unaffordable cost of prescription medications breaks principles of comprehensiveness, accessibility, universality, and also increases the burden on Canadian economics. According to the report from the parliamentary budget office (2017), a universal program to cover prescription medications would save about $4.2 billion annually in Canada.

This petition is calling for the Canadian government to work collaboratively with the federal Greens, NDP, Conservatives, Indigenous Leaders,and both Nursing and Medical Association leaders to discuss a way to move forward with Universal Pharmacare as a component of the Canadian medical system.


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