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Petition Against Violence And Hate Speech in Cameroon

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It is almost a year since the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon have been protesting against deeply rooted concerns. Most recently, especially from September, these two Anglophone regions have had to undergo a level of violence meted on them which the country has never known before. At the same time, the entire country has experienced the use of hate speech from citizens of both English and French expressions to a magnitude that one feels an imminent civil confrontation which shall plunge the entire country in a crisis never experienced. If nothing is done soonest to redress these situations which are fomenting the mutual hatred, then we should not be surprised to see that we will reach a situation of outblown confrontations among the civilians themselves.

We are therefore calling on the government especially to respect the inalienable rights of the People of Anglophone Cameroon and address the root causes of their unrest. We equally call on the government to sanction all those within the government who have outrightly 'insulted' the dignity of those who are carrying out their constitutional rights. In a similar manner, we call on those of the English community as well as the French community to refrain from uttering mutually distrustful words especially on socially media. Do not use words because you feel like using them especially when you do not master the facts on the ground and at hand. We call on the International Community (African Union, United Nations, Commonwealth, Francophonie) to ensure that an all-inclusive and meaningful dialogue is held on neutral grounds as soon as possible.

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