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Take immediate action to release the girls and allow them to return Home

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) provides the rights for people to live and work in any country that is a signatory to this declaration. Cameroon migrant workers, mainly girls, are being enslaved, starved and killed in Kuwaiti homes in the 21st Century. Horror stories of those who have managed to escape are so disturbing that we cannot sit back and pretend as if nothing is happening. In the following audio tape here attached, you will listen to the horrible ordeals the girls went through. One of the girls recounts how she was forced to share a room with four cats while another recounts how she was forced to having sex with her master on several occasions. When she brought to matter to the attention of wife, both the husband and wife planned to kill her. Another one recounts how her educational certificates were confiscated along with her passport and her entire belongings. After a long struggle, she finally arrived home with just a single dress on her.
The trafficking RING is well established with local recruiters in Cameroon paid huge sums of money to recruit the girls. The girls are usually promised descent jobs only to arrive Kuwait and find out they have been dubbed. From the moment they arrive, they become properties of the local sponsors. One victim recalls how she was called a slave throughout her time in Kuwait. Another who was recruited in Cameroon as trained nurse ended up in another Kuwaiti home where the story was not different. 
The time to act is now. We must do the best we can to rescue these girls and denounce modern slavery in all its forms and shapes. Human dignity must be restored in the lives of these girls who have done nothing wrong to be treated like animals. Together we can make a difference.

Listen to some of their testimonies in this audio link: Testimonies of Cameroonian Ladies Trapped In Human Trafficking in Kuwait and Lebanon by Tapang Ivo Tanku -


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