What If UK Charities Could Earn Their Share of £6m Sales Commission per week from the National Lottery?

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Did you know? The National Lottery has paid out £5 billion in sales commission to retailers since 1994. FACT

What if we could do more for charity? Whether you're a national or local charity with our idea, your cause would receive more in donations just by selling National Lottery tickets via your charity website. This would be a share of £333 million each year or £6m per week.

How ? We are  suggesting that instead of buying your lottery ticket from a retailer, your charity website sells National Lottery tickets.

Your charity will then receive 10p sales commission for every lottery ticket sold via your website.

It’s a simple, secure process which just involves hosting a plug in on your website which we’d help you with.

What’s in it for you? Registered charities - like the ones you support/work for, will benefit and have a share of the sales commission of £333 million per annum or approximately £6 million per week.

How can we make this happen? We need your support to prove to Camelot that there is a demand for the Lottery Charity Partnership.

If you agree that charities are deserving of more funds ( £333 million each year ) then please sign our petition and share with your charity supporters.

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This petition had 137 supporters

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