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Halt plans to double the cost of playing the lottery to £2

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that Lotto players come from poorer backgrounds. For Chamelot to double the cost of the National Lottery during an economic crisis is socially irresponsible.

The cost is due to rise in autumn 2013. If we get enough signatures we may be able to influence Camelot's decision.

Alongside submitting these signatures to Camelot they will also be submitted to The National Lottery Fund, the NDPB who regulate the lottery and the Right Hon Hugh Richardson, a Minister in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport who's portfolio includes Gambling and the National Lottery. We believe that unless Camelot can reverse this decision on its own it should then become as matter to be dealt with by those who are charged with regulating gambling and safeguarding the vulnerable with regard to this matter.

Letter to
Camelot Group
Please keep the cost of national lottery entry at its current rate of £1

Your website states that:

"Our extensive consumer research showed us that while players still love Lotto, they also wanted more ways to win more money on the game. In order to provide the additional prizes, the cost of a Lotto line needs to increase to £2"

Your website also states that:

"We're committed to operating The National Lottery in a socially responsible way. We want our games to be exciting and fun to play but not in a way that's detrimental to the vulnerable, like low–income groups"

If you consider that there is a growing body of evidence which shows that Lotto players come from poorer backgrounds and the fact that many players will be scared to stop playing their regular numbers for fear that their numbers might come up once they've stopped playing, your decision to double the cost of entry is socially irresponsible. Especially in the current economic climate. By hooking people in and then doubling the price you are encouraging gambling at levels that are potentially unsustainable to many.

This petition was started because we believe your extensive customer research on this matter was flawed.

We, your customers, would prefer that the price be kept at £1 and that the prize range stay as it is (unless you can change the prize range without doubling the price of entry).

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