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Make Camden High Sports Uniforms Great Again

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It is important that both female and male students that participate in sport are comfortable in a uniform that allows all body shapes & sizes to move in a manner that students are not embarrassed or restricted in. 

Females from Years 7 - 10 are being restricted in sports activity because of the shape of their bodies. The Camden High sports shorts do not accomodate for the fact that children have different bodies. Mixed gender pants are not appropriate as neither boys nor girls feel the pants accomodate for their body parts.

In the past it has never been a problem for female students to wear plain "non branded" sports shorts, but now we as the female population has come under scrutiny for wearing "non-rammed" shorts.

We are of the opinion of why pay $34 for pants that split when you bend or move around in a "sporting manner" when you can buy non branded pants, that have never been a problem in the past, are more comfortable and half the price. 

Males are uncomfortable in sports pants and feel they do not have "enough room" to move efficiently. They are annoyed because of the fact that they cannot move properly when participating in sport all because of their body parts.

Students would be more likely to wear the school sports uniform if it was more accomendating to all body shapes and sizes. 

All we are trying to achieve is that we (as students) can wear navy blue sports shorts or tracksuit pants without the Camden High School logo on them, as we find them much more comfortable and they suit the needs of all body shapes and sizes. 

We ask as the student body for you to sign this petition to change our school sports pants for the future.

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