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Support Councils' rights to ban private areas in Strip Clubs

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Support Councils’ Right to ban ‘private areas’ in Strip Clubs


Red Rooms strip club, in the London borough of Camden plans to install  a  floor of  private booths in its venue at  Great Queen St, Holborn. Private  booths  allow ‘one on one’ interaction between customer and dancer which greatly  increases the risks of exploitation of performers and gives the green light to punters seeking  sexual  services.

 Camden has a ban on private  areas, like many other councils and is going to Court (scheduled for Feb 2018) to ensure Red Rooms cannot use private areas’


The Council currently operates a ‘Zero ‘ policy  and introducing private areas would seriously undermine this policy. If this club succeeds  private  areas are  more likely to be rolled out in strip clubs nationwide.


The Evidence

There is already overwhelming evidence of contact including sexual, physical  and verbal assault, other  breaches  of contract and harm suffered by dancers in strip clubs, industry wide.

“ The 3 ft rule is a joke. You pay someone to get naked and then grind away on your crotch” 1

“A lot of the men are totally blunt- how much for a blowjob”   2

“The clubs operate a  veneer of ‘no touching’, but the reality is touching is more standard than not” 3


50% of lap dancers in a large study reported frequent verbal harassment and unwanted touching from customers. 4


50%  of  men interviewed  for a Glasgow study  admitted  visiting  strip clubs looking for  sex and  25% said they had  had  sex with dancers on the premises. 5*

Strip  Clubs    : Link to Violence Against Women.

Researchers also found increased levels of harassment of women and fear of violence in areas local  to  strip clubs. 6

This harassment and fear of assault has been reported numerous times and is even recognised by the Town Planning and legal experts as a ground for refusing strip club licenses .7, 8

Based on all of the above findings, as well as the drive to maximise profit, it is self - evident  why a strip club  venue wants local authorities to legalise private areas, currently prohibited by licensing conditions governing the sale of sex in clubs  nationwide.





We Call On


Camden  Council Sexual Entertainment  Licensing  Committee  :

·         To  draft more robust licensing conditions which will ensure continued prohibition of private  areas  in strip clubs, as well as to clarify the binding nature of  Council licensing conditions

·         To shut down Red Rooms if it continues to operate private areas if the Council’s court case is successful


·         To take measures to ensure that every future planning application is rigorously subjected to a proper Public Sector Equality Duty Impact assessment.

·         To take measures to ensure future planning   applications are compliant with Camden Council Community   Cohesion and Safety vision and commitments.


·         To make sure their Licensing Policy that states that Zero Strip clubs are appropriate in the borough is finally applied and that all 6 clubs that are still operating in the borough are shut

 Our MPs

That they  take  measures  to ensure that Public  Sector  Equality Duty impacts are rigorously assessed and upheld with  regard to all borough activities.



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