Saving the Gledswood Hills (The Hermitage) park - stop the concrete jungle

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Let’s save the Gledswood Hills park (The Hermitage estate) and stop the concrete jungles. This was never on the cards, the total lack of respect to the residents and the environment. Let’s make a difference people and stop the development and keep it as a park.

This is in relation to the proposed DA 2019/495/1

The proposed development includes; demolition of existing sales office, demolition of playground, car park and landscape embellishments, removal of trees, Torrens title subdivision to create 13 residential blocks, residual lot, construction of 13 two storey dwelling houses, 2 studio dwellings, strata subdivision and associated site works.  

This DA means the residents will lose their beautiful park, playground and trees as you enter the estate via Fairbank Drive.