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Maitland Park Gym (MPG) is located off Maitland Park Villa in Camden. The centre offers a variety of facilities and sessions which cater to everyone in the community.

The centre provides a hall for sporting recreation and a fitness centre. The sessions held at MPG include Gym sessions, Boxercise, Badminton, Indoor Football and Basic Roller Derby Skating training.

Without the hall, these organisations and activities  would not be able to exist as there is a lack of affordable alternatives that are easily accessible in the area.

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I am writing in regards to Maitland Park Gym- and I would like to voice out how important Maitland has been to our community and how it would affect us if QCCA decides to sell the gym.

Every Friday from 7-9pm since August 2011, we have been using the hall to practice Indoor skating/roller derby. Roller derby is a DIY grass roots sport (on quad skates) but before we can play the game, skaters need to learn how to skate, stop and fall safely (we use protective gear- knee, elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet and mouth guard) and it is in Maitland where we practice these "basic skating skills".

What is Roller derby:

There are not many places in London which allow indoor skating and those that do- charge a lot (MPG only charges £25 an hour and the hire fee is divided between the attendees). The hall is also easily accessible as it is near Chalk Farm station so Maitland has been the perfect place where we can come and skate at an affordable rate. Between 12-25 people attend our practices and losing Maitland would mean losing a venue for people to be able to come and join in so they can get started in participating with the sport.

We hope that you'll make the right choice of not taking away the facilities used by both us, the local residents and community.

Fatima Madrigal

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