Save Alex’s Wall!!

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On the 12th of August 2019 our beloved Alex Smith passed at a young age of 16 years due to a fatal stabbing which took place at Munster Square. 

The doors by the wall are the ones of which Alex continuously knocked, pleaded and begged for help at. Alex was neglected by the neighbours. He relentlessly knocked on their doors shortly before he was attacked and there were no answers. He relentlessly knocked on their doors right after the attack and had the door slammed in his face. 

Alex had a heart of gold, he cared deeply about those he surrounded himself with and he almost always put others first despite how he may have been feeling. He gave us all the laughs with his goofy personality and his great banter. His smile alone had lit every room he had ever stepped foot in.

Friends and family have beautifully decorated a memorial wall at Munster Square in his loving memory to ensure that he will never be forgotten and that his name will forever live on. Since he has passed numerous people (friends, families and neighbors) have visited his wall in order to pay their respects by putting up photos, laying flowers, lighting candles etc every single day and we don’t want to run the risk of losing Alex’s wall because his wall is the last physical memory we will have of him.

Alex is loved by so many and will never be forgotten by any. It would be a tragedy for his wall to ever be taken down as he would not be receiving the love he deserves and it would completely distort the loving community of people who genuinely care.

We need permission from the council to keep Alex’s wall up and we need reassurance that it will not be taken down. Signing this petition brings us one step closer to achieving what it is that we need.