Objection to build the Kindergarten development in Redcap DA number DA/2018/1428/1

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RE: DA NO 2018/1428/1

Please accept this petition as an objection to the above development proposal; the construction of a two storey child care centre for 108 children. Prior to moving into the area  we checked with council to ensure that the 3 blocks that the car park comprise would be residential and it was confirmed that they were! 

The other main concerns for this proposal are:
1) Traffic Conditions
2) Noise/Odor Complaints
3) Resident Health
4) Current Community Facilities
5) Asthetics
6) Developer Concerns

Traffic Conditions:
First and foremost this proposal poses a significant risk to children and residents of Redcap street. The proposal is for a two storey childcare facility for 108 children. Including staff, this would mean a minimum of 200 traffic movements mostly during peak hour. The exit to the car park will be located on Redcap street which is a quiet and narrow street with cars parked on the sides of the road. Often children are riding their bikes and playing on the road after school as it's a quiet suburban street.

The current use of the proposal development area is a carpark for residential sales for outdated display homes. There is very little use. This new development will cause a significant impact to the current road conditions and should not be underestimated as the 'Final Traffic Assessment' suggests.

The council should take this into consideration. How do you plan to ensure the safety of the children and residents? Given the cars parked on the roads already there are many blindspots that new drivers would not be aware of. This is a significant danger to children and property damage.

Noise/Odor Complaints:
The extra traffic alone during morning and afternoon time on narrow Redcap Street is enough justification to refuse the application.  What's more, 108 children playing in the playground outside will hugely disrupt the current sound levels. This would be a disruption for the current residents. I will do a dB test on a similar facility and then compare it to the present situation in the car park.

Concerns of odor and unhygenic waste from nappies etc in a bin that is currently proposed. Has the council considered how to alleviate the smell of unhygenic waste? It would require extra garbage removal trucks that would only place extra stress to the current road situation

Current Community Facilities:
There is another two storey childcare facility for 109 children already approved less than 500m up Redcap Street. (DA NO 2018/187/1). Not only would this facility cause stress to the current traffic conditions and noise levels, but another facility would push it completely over the edge. There is no need for a childcare facility of this size, this close to another facility.

The current proposal height is to stand at a maximum of c. 9m. This is 5 times the height of the surrounding fence at 1.8m. This would be situated at the end of the street next to mostly one storey houses. How unattractive and unaesthetic. It will standover and shadow the surrounding homes. The design does not belong in a residential location. What's more, the current proposal will completely block the beautiful sunset to current residents. 

Developer Concerns:
The developer has already had negative media attention on ACA who should probably be contacted in order to investigate this current proposal.

I do not believe this proposal has taken into consideration the current situation. It does not meet the demand of current residents and adds nothing to the community. The other approved DA NO 2018/187/ 1, is already being developed. That is more than enough for narrow Redcap Street to handle.

Lastly, the current proposal will cause significant devaluation of current property prices due to the above conditions. Are residents just expected to put up with this loss of wealth? When we purchased this property we were informed there would only be 3 residential homes built next door on the car park land. Not a two storey commercial building.

Many thanks

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