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We demand action for our suburb Currans Hill

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Currans Hill - Our community with a school, numerous preschools, a sports field, childrens play area, a corner store, a IGA Supermarket and two successful restaurants. There are two main entrances into Currans Hill, into Tramway Drive from Narellan Road or into Currans hill drive from Hartley Road. Beyond our suburb is growing new estates such as Harrington Grove, Gregory Hills, Oran Park and Gledswood Hills. Roadworks are well underway on Narellan Road, and at this stage Narellan Road is the the main artery between Campbelltown and Narellan, (and beyond) and the M5 for both north and south bound journeys. Narellan Road also serves as main entrance points for Mount Annan, with the Camden by pass filtering traffic on toward Spring Farm and beyond. Works are in progress to construct alternate routes between Gregory Hills and Campbelltown, however Narellan Road remains the most practical route at this point in time.

Growth in the area has exploded, and Narellan Road and the veins leading off it cannot cope. Due to the sheer volume of cars commuters are forced to enter into suburbs such as Currans Hill and Mount Annan to try and avoid some of the congestion to reach their destinations beyond our suburbs. This has in turn increased the traffic volume in our suburbs and the risk and danger to its residents.

Tramway Drive has had a large increase in the volume of vehicle use, as well as heavy vehicles - mostly buses. It has become a short cut of sorts for the suburbs beyond us, to try to avoid some congestion and save time with the roadworks on Narellan Road. The street, and those surrounding are clearly marked as 50 km per hour speed zones, with school zones operating at the Currans Hill Drive end and Narellan road end during specified times. One pedestrian crossing is present on Tramway Drive outside the school, which is manned by a crossing guard for limited hours before and after school. This crossing is raised very slightly as a slow point. Other then this slow point, there are not other slow points at all along Tramway or Currans Hill Drive. Other then center  double unbroken lines there are no other line markings either along the majority of Tramway Drive. The volume increase on Tramway drive has ultimately led to the increase on all streets in the vicinity.

With the increase in traffic has come the increase in speeding and dangerous driving. It is very clearly evident that the 50km per hour speed limit is not adhered too, with drivers traveling well in excess of that accounting for an estimated 80 percent of traffic. Obviously i do not own a radar to know accurate speeds, however it can be estimated from the length it time they become visible at the roundabout at Glenfield and Tramway Drive and how quickly they go past my home approximately 100 meters from the roundabout. From my own observations, the average is around 8 seconds, meaning that they would be traveling approximately 80 km hour. Paddy Miller Avenue runs off tramway Drive, and the amount of cars I see not slowing down safely and screeching around the corner is terrible. I will point out that approximately 300 meters down Paddy Miller Avenue there is a preschool, and a short while ago a chicane had been put just down from this intersection. According to residents close by this chicane has done little to slow the traffic down as well.

This petition is addressed to NSW Police, primarily Camden Local area Command and Camden Council to demand action in regards to the above concerns. Currans Hill residents are scared and frightened to allow our children to play out the front of homes, or even walk to and from school alone. Riding bikes and even going for a short walk is just not a possibility! It is too dangerous. It is only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured or killed, whether its in a car accident or a pedestrian. Traffic flow needs to be monitored, drivers charged with not adhering to the speed limit and dangerous driving. Currans Hill residents understand that using our streets as a short cut  to get to other suburbs will happen. However, we will not accept that those who do use our streets treat is a race track and put us all in danger. The time has come that Currans Hill residents say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Action needs to be taken immediately, Currans Hill residents will not accept any less.

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