Allow concession for cheaper local travel tickets for students 19 and under

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I feel that students all over the city would massively benefit from cheaper transport fees. Students that are in college from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm can't easily work a job to cover the cost of transport. Especially considering the advised amount of hours full time students should work is limited to roughly 10 a week. This could lead certain people in a tough economic situation to go to more local colleges that don't necessarily offer what they desire to study. It costs me £14.50 to get to college every week and people who live a couple of stops up on the bus route £25.

The current condition for half price bus tickets is only if you are on job seekers allowance.

It is mandatory for people between 16-18 years old to go to into further education or a full time job, this means that realistically we don't have much choice but to attend college. We then have no choice but to spend the extortionate amount that public transport services demand. In order for me to attend required education, my mother has to pay for my bus. While paying for her own bus', my siblings bus', bills and food for everyone in the household. When you don't make massive amounts of money or receive what you would classify as substantial support from the government, it's not exactly easy.

On the one hand, people all over the UK are being actively encouraged to use public transport, in order to lower congestion in urban areas and the amount of emissions into the atmosphere, which don't get me wrong I completely support but why does it have to be so expensive?

Not to mention the fact the fares are regularly increasing. In 2012 amongst some areas of the country, regular bus users faced the increase in price of an annual ticket by 20% and single tickets by as much as 22%. Bus fares outside of London are not regulated, therefore, operators can increase the fee as often as they like and by as much as they wish. Train fares in Britain are also increasing by 2.3% this year, making it even harder for people that don't live particularly near colleges to attend the college they wish to.

It is not acceptable that students, who cannot financially support themselves are being left with little to no choice but to spend such excessive amounts on bus'.

If you are a student or a parent, sign this petition to get half price bus tickets. To benefit a massive amount of people currently and in the near future.