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build houses we can actually afford

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We are prisoners of debt; we have worked hard, some of us went to uni like we were told to, for what!!. We cant afford housing, our income is to low and our living expenses are too high, surely there is another way. We don't want mortgages of £200,000 to pay back over 50 years!! When the system cant provide affordable housing for its young people then something is wrong with the system!! Why are they building more houses we can't afford, whilst at the same time destroying our green areas!! If houses were built using recyclable products (as many many all over the world have done successfully) the cost would be dramatically reduced as well as the negative effects to the environment. Bricks and cement are inefficient, COB, which is made of clay, straw and mud - was traditionally what all houses were made of, this was until the energy companies realized that they could not make enough money this way so funded the brick and cement industry, thus making millions and convincing everyone that bricks are the only way and that housing had to be this expensive. COB is just one of many brilliant options, it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer, it can be built by anyone, it can be easily adapted and changed, it lasts a lifetime and each house looks beautifully unique compared to all our little square boxes. Also it should be easier for people to build eco houses on their land that they have bought, with the opportunity of building them themselves. Lets do something to force a change, lets not be prisoners of debt to our square boxes, lets live in harmony with our beautiful surroundings.............check out live debt free with sustainable development. Thanks for your time........

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