Off-The-Grid Social Media Day for Schools District-Wide!

Off-The-Grid Social Media Day for Schools District-Wide!

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Parsmi Rajput started this petition to Cambridge Virtual Academy

Have you ever thought of an, "Off-The-Grid-Day?," But not using electronics is too hard... right? So, join us for ditching distracting social media only for a day, such as Snap Chat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, and the like, while still having access to important information!

Imagine if people around the whole world don't use distracting social media... cyberbullying would decrease, mental and physical health can get better, and families would have time for each other. 


Due to the force of going online, the whole world, students and teens especially, have been hit the hardest with adapting to the electronic world. According to MIBluesPerspectives, a recent study shows that Cyberbullying has increased by 70%, just over the past few months of 2021's beginning, and 2020's end. Since the use of social medias are much more prominent, not only for school purposes, but for leisure and relaxation as well, students and teens are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Main factors such as stress, isolation, boredom, less supervision, and accessibility are viable for bullies to take advantage of those who are vulnerable, and those students can be affected for their entire life. Additionally, students are more likely to get affected by Cyberbullying nowadays because of the limited accessibility to help. Guidance counselors, trusted teachers, friends, or non-immediate family are hard to reach virtually, and in-person connections are not feasible.

However, "Off-The-Grid-Day," offers a chance for change amongst those who are Cyberbullied, and it gives students a chance to connect with those who are around them. Social media's greatest use is to publicize or post what one does in their life and it is meant to connect, but many feel like they are being put down due to seeing what they don't have. When people take a day off from posting about their life, or looking at other people's lives, they can feel peace. Image a day, or just a few moments, when we aren't worried about what someone else posted, or how many likes we got. Students and teens feel depressed or stressed because they may not receive the response from their followers they wanted, or they may have gotten less likes, resulting in others making fun of them or embarrassment - other forms of cyberbullying - but when "Off-The-Grid-Day," is celebrated, none of this matters. Students and teens don't find the opportunity to be made fun of, to be cyberbullied, and they would have time to focus on other important things....

Mental & Physical Health

Going fully virtual for so many reasons comes with negative effects on the body, such as eye problems, stress, pressure, no time for mindfulness, and no time to focus on oneself. Too much screen time is a problem all of us have felt at some point throughout the on-going pandemic, and this affects us right on our eyes. Social media plays a huge role in affecting our eyes, because students resort to watching TV or checking socials in their free time, as that is their form of entertainment after a long day of virtual school. Young children all around the world have gotten glasses due to excess screen time, caused by the pandemic, and it is disappointing for how young kids need to suffer with glasses their whole life. Stress, pressure, no mindfulness, and no time for self care is not only affecting students' physical health, but mental health as well. 

But, "Off-The-Grid-Day," offers an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. When social media and electronics are off the table, people will find other ways to engage themselves. For example, less screen time relieves stress from the eyes, helping mental health. Less social pressure, tying into cyberbullying, also increases mental health, and allows students to have time to reconnect with themselves. Next, students get time to practice mindfulness, also helping with mental health and other damaging factors such as stress and pressure. Finally, "Off-The-Grid-Day,"

allows people to to have more time, either for family or themselves - bringing us to our last and foremost point....


Many people say "Time is Money," or "Time is Power," however, time is truly health. When students, kids, parents, and siblings are stuck to their electronics all day long, there is barely any time for each other. Parents and children all around the world are complaining about how their family isn't spending time with them, and the teens have been negatively impacted the most. Social media is like glue that isn't getting off of them, and it is spoiling their time for family, pending work, and themselves. Over the past 1 1/2 year, students worldwide have struggled with distance learning, and social media is a factor. Social media side-tracks students and wastes their time, making it hard to finish assignments on time, causing a build-up of late assignments. 

Therefore, "Off-The-Grid-Day," comes into play. When students and teens don't have access to social media, they will have time to complete their pending work, to spend time with their family, and to spend time on themselves. Students and teens do not realize it, but they spend about 2-3 hours just on social media per day! Students will be able to complete so much work in those 2-3 hours they get a break from, and when homework is finished earlier in the day, time for family will be open at night! More time also means more opportunities to improve oneself, so for the next day, they will be completely refreshed! 

Healthy Alternatives 

Now that you know the benefits of "District-Wide Off-The-Grid Day," we have some healthy alternatives for you!

  1. Take a Walk - One of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety is by taking a walk. According to BridgestoRecovery, "Even a walk as short as thirty minutes every day (or as often as possible) can lower your heart rate, ease your anxiety, and relieve your stress–and it can also be quite scenic." Additionally, now that students are sitting for almost the whole day, we know how essential exercise is. Healthline informs us that walking helps with burning calories, strengthens the heart, helps lower blood sugar, eases joint pain, boosts immune function and energy, improves one's mood, extends your life, tones your legs, and helps you think clearly, many of which our students experience - not to mention being able to connect with Mother Earth and the 5 elements of nature.
  2. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation - With time off of social media, you can focus on yourself. Practice mindfulness and meditation to stabilize yourself and dis-connect yourself from all the chaos going on in the world right now. Be able to find peace with your inner self, and do something for YOUR body. 
  3. Read a Book / Catch Up with School - As mentioned before, social media may be distracting you from being able to complete pending work, so now you have time for that! Read a book and enlighten yourself or catch up with your work, so there are no more "late's" or additional pressure!

There are so many things to do for yourself besides spoiling your health, so take advantage of that opportunity! Therefore, join and sign this petition in order for "Off-The-Grid-Day," to become an official day in each school district, starting with yours! 

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