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Every May Ball Committee should have a Green Officer!

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"The College Balls are the largest, most widely publicised and well-attended events in the university calendar. However, they are extremely wasteful. Without proper organisation this waste (predominantly food and drink, but also props and decor) is all taken out to the skips together and sent to landfill." (1)

In 2016, Clare May Ball was the first to be made completely carbon neutral (2), paving the way for a more environmentally friendly May Week.  This amazing feat was achieved with the help of two dedicated sustainability officers on their committee, who managed to diminish the environmental impact of their ball, without altering the traditional May Ball experience.

A few other May Ball committees have also made steps in this direction, some with dedicated officers, and others with a shared role, such as "Design & Green". 

However, most May Ball committees do not have any environmental officers. The committees already work incredibly hard to put on such large-scale events, and the environmental officer's role is too significant to be shared out amongst the other officers, at the risk of being neglected.
If real progress is to be made towards May Week sustainability, all ball committees should have an officer dedicated to this task. 

Please sign this petition if you care about the impact May Balls have on our environment. 





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