Postpone, not cancel! all A-Level exams to October/November series

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This is for all students who believe that predicted grades will not be a fair way of handling the overall examination issue.

We have all worked very hard to try to achieve the best grade we possibly can in real, official exams. Therefore we should have the right to sit these, at a different point in time. Predicted grades will most likely not reflect our actual ability. 
Sign this petition if you want to show sympathy for everyone involved in this challenging situation but want to be treated fairly as well.
I hope we all understand how difficult the situation is at the moment. We should all have respect for people in need, people who are affected by the disease, people who try their best to help as many patients as they can, and people who are going through tough times. However we should still all be treated in a fair manner. And the only way this can be done is through an official exam that everyone sits at the same time, in the same conditions, and at the same difficulty. Not through predicted grades.