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Stop the Cambridge City Deal

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Did you know that as of autumn next year, Cambridge is going to become a virtual no-go area?  If you work or do business in the city and need to use a car or van, you'll be effectively locked out between 7 and 10 in the morning and 4 to 6:30 in the afternoon. Roads that will be closed to all traffic except taxis and buses are Grange Road, Queens Road, East Road, Coldhams Lane Mill Road and Hills Road.  The only way into Cambridge will be Trumpington Road!  Can you imagine the congestion!  AND despite this being in “Consultation” the new buses required to accommodate all the people who won’t be able to get into town any other way have already been ordered!  Any business that needs a delivery or collection won’t be able to get anything until after 10 in the morning and will have to have collections out before 4pm unless they are using a bike or taxi.  The plans also include charging businesses who have more than 10 parking spaces.

The City Deal was set up to encourage growth and investment, but it is creating additional costs to business.  The effect on business in Cambridge will be catastrophic – imagine needing to buy a large item from a shop in Cambridge and your only choice will be lugging it onto a bus.  Or taking the kids to school – the only option will be to bike or Park and Ride if you’re further out.

The plan is to drive everyone to Park and Ride, and interestingly, according to John Bridge, the Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, who resigned over the City Deal, “the same council officers who are now pushing all this forward are the same people who introduced the charge on the Park and Ride sites and saw a 14% drop in passenger numbers.  It was a grave error of judgement to do that.”

Councillor Tim Bick said “its terribly disappointing that the board has decided …. to proceed with a series of control and prohibition measures which will make journeys difficult and frustrating and will create all sorts of adverse consequences”.

And yet the council is ploughing ahead.

The idea that the City Deal is designed to reduce congestion is so flawed.  It is due to the road closures already implemented that traffic is so heavy on the remaining routes and causing increased pollution!

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