Limit traffic on Arbury Road

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The impact of COVID-19 and the closure of Histon Road has meant vehicle speeding and congestion has become an even more serious issue on Arbury Road.

  • Traffic is often in excess of 600 cars per hour - Speeding and pollution have become a serious issue threatening us all.
  • Pavements are too narrow for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair and mobility scooter users.
  • Cyclists are forced onto the pavement or are trapped next to speeding cars.
  • School children cannot get to the school safely and without breathing pollution - cycling or walking on the pavement is their only option.
  • Large lorries now use Arbury road day and night.
  • Traffic congestion (photos) persists all day and at weekends.

This is unacceptable for local residents, local businesses, cyclists & pedestrians, and the school children who use this road every day.

We are trying to protect the NHS and keep a safe 2m distance while walking on the pavements, but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Please support our proposal to filter Arbury Road and stop through traffic*  by signing this petition, and providing comments below.

Thank you!

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* Emergency vehicles will have full through access. Residents can still drive and park to and from their houses. We want to stop the hundreds of cars per hour which should be using larger, dedicated roads and encourage some to switch to sustainable or active transport.