Stop the Eviction of Gary Newland from Brace Dein Allotment

Stop the Eviction of Gary Newland from Brace Dein Allotment

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Cambourne Town Parish Council

Why this petition matters

Started by Antonia Knight

Gary Newland has been served an eviction notice from the local council giving one month to evacuate his plot at Brace Dein Allotment.

Gary has been an upstanding citizen in the allotment community for many years, he is a long term resident who has always welcomed everyone & provided help & guidance to newcomers, supporting all who have turned their hand to joining the allotment community.

He has recently moved plots and worked tirelessly to improve a plot that had been left to ruin, he had turned it around with such dedication has provided a plot to be proud of. His plot has been maintained to the highest standard proving to be an exemplary role model. It had served a vital interest during the ongoing coronavirus restrictions helping him not only physically but also mentally.

As fellow residents we feel he has been served this unfairly, we request this notice to be overturned so he can continue to enjoy the support the allotment community & continue to enjoy his retirement with the passion & commitment he has always strived for.

Please let us join together to show our united support for such a dedicated member who has always been passionate about tending his allotment, helping anyone who has required it.


133 have signed. Let’s get to 200!