Youth offenders residential care home for children in erw las llwynhendy.

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The local council is trying to put a youth hotel in erw las llwynhendy. This includes sex offenders, thieves, criminals in our community.

Now I wouldn’t feel safe leaving my children out the garden to play or to share a school with a child that been in a young offenders prison for any reason. The young offenders will be coming from hillside youth offenders in neath and being placed at the accommodation to be re-established as part of a community. They will be aged 11-18 years old.

There is a lot of drug use already in llwynhendy and adding these youngsters will just add fuel to fire and make matters so much worse! I personally wouldn’t feel safe in my own home.

You can send an email to to discuss your opinion.

you can also attend a meeting at Bryn and trallwm social club on the 12th September at 7pm. 

Sign this petition if you agree they should not be placed in llwynhendy and stop the council leaving this be a option!