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For the last several years, there has been a "Halloween decoration" on display in Camarillo, visible from major roads in the area. The "decoration" is not only offensive, it also is a public hazard. The decoration in question is a life-like lynched man hanging from palm tree.  

We the undersigned have the following complaints:

1. 911 dispatchers have reported that numerous calls to the police department have been made annually by residents who believed this decoration to be an actual man. This is causing public funds and resources (ie: 911 dispatchers and any local police intervention) to be wasted year after year.

2. Residents have complained that it is a source of distraction to drivers (both during the day and at night as it has a spotlight on it) and thus causes hazardous driving conditions on main roads in the area. 

3. Residents have complained of undue mental anguish at seeing such a realistic "decoration" in that it triggers thoughts of loved ones lost to suicide and racially charged lynching. Additionally, mothers are charged with explaining the "decoration" to their children. It should be noted that at least 2 pre-schools, 1 large public park, and 1 high school are all within walking distance. We do not live in a vacuum, context matters. The very recent racially charged lynching of an 8yr old child in New Hampshire by teenagers, happened less than two months ago (Aug 28th, 2017). This decoration is at the VERY LEAST in poor taste given recent events, and at worst intentionally offensive and instigating violence. 

It should be noted that this "halloween decoration" is up for the majority of October, not just on the holiday it is intended to celebrate. 

The signers of this petition would like the City Council of Camarillo to move to take down this "decoration" and ensure that it will not appear again in future years. As stated on the City Council's website, "[The City Council] enacts municipal ordinances to protect the health and safety of all who live in, work in and visit the city..."

We the undersigned, feel that in order to live up to the words on their website, and Fiscal Year 2017/2018 Mission Statement Goal to "provide a safe and enriched environment for people to live, work and play", the council needs to act. 


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