Save Saltfleet Fields

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Saltfleet is currently planning to replace our field with grass, again. This will cost 1.25 million dollars. This grass is more easily destroyed, and is more likely to be replaced once more within the next few years - taking more time and money from parents and students of Saltfleet. 

The solution? Replace the fields with turf.

Saltfleet's soccer, field hockey, and football teams have not been to play on our current field because game officials deem the fields too unsafe to play. Replacing the fields with turf would allow all home games to be played without cancellations due to weather. This would not only benefit every phys ed class, but it would increase school spirit tenfold since home games would be more accessible to students. 

Listen to us, Cam Galindo. Your community is speaking to you. We need to stop the grass, and instead change to turf.