Calvert Performing Arts Center Initiative

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Calvert County has many beautiful amenities to offer its citizens, but a performing arts center is not one of them.  Our citizens of all ages deserve a space to perform, create, support and explore the performing arts in our own backyard.  We need you to be a part of this Performing Arts Explosion in Calvert County!  

Step one is to sign this petition to voice your support for the performing artists in Southern Maryland.  Your signature will give power to our movement and will encourage our state and local government officials to endorse this endeavor.  Demonstrate to our elected officials that the citizens of Calvert county and Southern Maryland support the creation of an independently operated performing arts center in Calvert County to improve our quality of life and strengthen our local economy.

Interested in doing more?  Please consider passing this petition to your friends and family through social media or other means to help spread the word so the Calvert Performing Arts Center can become a realized dream.

You are welcome to join us as a volunteer for this movement by reaching out to or

Tax-deductible monetary donations are always by contributing to our GoFundMe.

Let's join together to make it a reality.  On with the Show!

**DISCLAIMER ALERT** Any donations left on this site at is used for the exclusive purpose of promoting this petition on the site and are not funds donated directly to the campaign to create the performing arts center.  Please use the GoFundMe link above for that purpose.